Mobius® is the leading OEM agnostic, multi-vehicle command and control software on the market.

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Mobius is the software platform that supervises autonomous vehicles at the mine site. Mobius works in conjunction with the hardware components installed on each autonomous vehicle. Mobius is the command and control operating system for our various mining software applications such as Mobius for Haulage, Mobius for Drills, Mobius for Blast, Mobius for Teleop, Mobius for Manned, and others. Each of these Mobius applications plug into the Mobius server to monitor every aspect of the autonomous operating zone.

Mobius® Command & Control Software

Powerful features come standard

Mobius® is an autonomous supervisory system like no other. We have thoughtfully designed Mobius with powerful features included in every installation of Mobius for Mining

User-friendly interface

The intuitive and user-friendly interface allows new operators to become experts at commanding, controlling, and monitoring fleet traffic.

Haul truck Loading

With Mobius, loading is easy. Mobius allows a load unit operator to move spot points via the ICC tablet without the need to repeatedly recreate load points. In addition, operators are shown a visual representation of the haul truck's route to the spot point.

Large ICC ToughPads

For manned vehicles, ASI Mining offers large tablet ICCs with the ability to adjust road shapes, address obstacles and much more.

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Safety Features

Like a lock out/tag out procedure in the mechanical world where you have direct control over adding and removing your own lock, the Mobius ICC tablet can activate its own safety lock on an autonomous vehicle, making it safe to approach for maintenance or inspection. Mobius also visually identifies each vehicle, greatly reducing the potential of a miscommunication—which sometimes happens on sites that rely soley on radio.

General Safety Controls

Mobius offers many unique safety features including an All-stop button in the remote operator's office. If any vehicle within the Autonomous Operation Zone (AOZ) loses its signal—whether manned or autonomous, a safety checkout zone is created that accounts for the vehicle speed and trajectory. Autonomous vehicles are not allowed to move into or within the zone.

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Proximity Monitor

Mobius displays the 'Proximity Beam' on the screen which indicates the path the autonomous haul truck will follow. This visual of the vehicle's projected path shows how Mobius has computed a clear path ahead without impacting other vehicles or map boundaries.

Mobius proximity monitor

Vehicle Boundaries

The ICC shows the vehicle's body boundary as it navigates through different map shapes. This way, the driver will always be aware of how the vehicle is protected.

Mobius vehicle boundaries

Haul truck Dumping

Mobius supports a variety of dumping behaviors, including stall, paddock, edge and crusher dumping.

If a stall is closed after a truck has been dispatched to the dump area, Mobius will automatically select the next open stall and pick the correct path of travel for the haul truck. Since Mobius is constantly optimizing each truck's path, only limited human intervention is needed.

Powerful Mapping Features

Mobius allows you to apply road shapes on top of other shapes to quickly reroute trucks if road grading is needed. Once the road is repaired, the temporary road shape can be removed with the click of a button.

Whether you are only automating your haulage, or if you are ready for autonomous drilling and blasting, ASI Mining has the software solutions for you.

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Mobius® for Drills

Increase efficiency and safety by adding autonomous drills.

Mobius® for Drills gives operators the tools they need to make quick and effective decisions for their drill fleet. Advanced digitalization techniques provide operators with easy to understand dashboards and real-time awareness of the working fleet. The Mobius® for Drills interface provides daily tactical decision-making and data to support more strategic operational decisions in the future.

Mining Drill

Mobius® for Blast

Semi-Autonomous Blasting increases safety and efficiency at your mine.

Mobius® for Blast can provide teleop, semi-autonomous, or fully autonomous navigation of blast vehicles including blast factory and stemming vehicles.

Mobius® for Blast can work with various 3rd party payload providers to enable automated deployment of blast mediums and initiation systems.

A Mine-iTruck by Enaex

Mobius® for Haulage

Autonomous Supervisory System for your mixed fleet of autonomous haul trucks

Mobius® for Haulage leverages advanced multi-vehicle command and control software to set up and manage a coordinated system of haul trucks. It keeps all trucks consistently tasked, traveling to and from load and dump areas, queues waiting vehicles, and regulates the haul cycle in the most efficient way possible.

Command and control your fleet of trucks equipped with our Autonomous Haulage System (AHS).

haul truck front end


Increase safety by removing operators from harm's way. Reduce damage with precision control and improved driving characteristics.



Eliminate the need to stop equipment for breaks and shift changes to increase the utilization of each vehicle.

haul truck


Machine control on vehicles squeezes productivity gains from various factors including more efficient spotting, driving behaviors, and real-time information flows.



By controlling multiple vehicles in a single control room, and managing vehicle operations in a consistent manner, mine operations can realize a significant reduction in labor, fuel and maintenance costs.



Autonomous haulage allows for programmable operation of vehicles within OEM operating parameters. By better tracking and controlling vehicle operations within prescribed limits, asset life can be extended, including tires, brakes, and other components.

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Regulations imposed for human operations restrict flexibility in mine design. By removing humans from the mine, operators have increased freedom to alter mine designs in areas such as road widths or wall heights which can greatly reduce overburden removal costs.

Mobius® for Teleoperations (Teleop)

Add Teleoperations to your mine site!

In addition to the core teleop functions, Mobius® for Teleop provides advanced semi-autonomous functions:

Guarded Teleop

Enables the user to create drivable areas within the map, prevents driving in unsafe areas or running off established roads.

Guided Teleop

Enables automatic steering along a pre-set path. An operator may control acceleration and braking while Mobius automatically controls steering, minimizing the reliance on high resolution video and operator skill for safe operation.


Gives users the ability to set destination points on a map so that Mobius can autonomously drive vehicles to that point. When the vehicle arrives, the user takes teleop control.


Not all aspects of mining are ready to be fully automated, some applications are only able to adopt partial autonomy at present—these partial, or semi-autonomous applications provide mine operators the opportunity to add increasing autonomous functionality over time, as it becomes available, for various operations.

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Watch a presentation by Drew Larsen, ASI Mining Head of Sales, on Teleoperation, Semi-Autonomous, and full Autonomous Mining, 2022.


Mobius® for Manned

Provide Situational Awareness and track all manned vehicles

Safety is ASI Mining's top priority. Mobius® uses In-Cab Clients (ICCs) to track all manned vehicles at a mine site.

The ICC is a high-impact, durable tablet mounted inside the cab of a light vehicle of light and heavy-duty vehicles traveling among autonomous vehicles. To keep manned vehicles safe, Mobius tracks each manned vehicle in relation to all autonomous vehicles. The In-Cab Client keeps constant contact with Mobius, transmitting location and other data so that Mobius can pause, redirect, or slow autonomous vehicles in the area.

In Cab Client in a light vehicle
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