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Mobius Software | Vehicle Automation Kit (VAK)

System organizational chart showing Mobius and how it connects to the VAK

The Mobius software functions as an operating system, or platform, upon which numerous applications run. Communications between Mobius and the vehicle are facilitated by installed hardware components—part of the Vehicle Automation Kit (VAK)—that control the vehicle. Additional software in the Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) is held locally on each autonomous truck to give it the smarts necessary to act for itself in many ways.

Mobius on a PC and ToughPad


Our solution allows mines to connect different autonomous mine applications together under one autonomous supervisory system.

Mobius® is designed with modules that support multiple mine applications, such as drilling, blastings, haulage, teleoperations, manned vehicles and more. Mobius supervises all autonomous vehicles and tracks of all manned assets, keeping everyone safe and on task. Mobius can provide this supervisory role from the mine's control room on site, or from a remote location.

Epiroc drill

Autonomous Drills

Autonomous drills not only operate themselves, but automatically provide critical data on the material they drill through. This gives an even greater advantage as this data informs the blasting, loading, hauling, and processing efforts at the mine.

» Mobius for Drills

Autonomous Blast truck

Semi-Autonomous Blast Trucks

Blasting is inherently dangerous since explosives are involved. Semi-Autonomous blast trucks can be remotely controlled keeping the operator away from harm. One of ASI Mining's blast truck solutions came out of a partnership with Enaex(R) to develop the Mine-iTruck which was release to market in 2018.

» Mobius for Blast

haul truck

Autonomous Haulage

A solution that is OEM agnostic provides mines with the flexibility to continue picking and choosing which brands work best for their situation and environment. Mines do not need to wait until they buy new trucks before adopting autonomy. Mines can automate today, with their mixed fleet of trucks, no matter the make, model, age or size.

» Mobius for Haulage

Teleop Dozer


Teleoperation (Teleop) is best suited for vehicles that are slow, in environments dangerous, unstable, or hazardous to humans, and can be observed and operated from a safe location.

» Mobius for Teleop

lite truck and ultra-class truck side-by-side

Track Manned Assets

Support vehicles operating in the Autonomous Operation Zone (AOZ) are required to also have an In Cab Client (ICC), this allows Mobius to keep tabs on each vehicle and direct nearby autonomous trucks to pause when manned vehicles are in close proximity.

» Mobius for Manned

haul truck

Mobius® for Mining

Mobius is the leading command & control software on the market that allows multiple autonomous vehicle operation regardless of brand, age or size. The Mobius software functions like a mine operating system that controls a multitude of vehicle applications, all from a single location—operations such as autonomous drilling, blasting, hauling, tracking manned assets, and more. No need to automate in isolation, Mobius connects the entire mine ecosystem for you.

» Mobius® for Mining


Our solution's technology stack

Mobius® is the bridge between your FMS and your mining vehicles.

Mobius® controls autonomous vehicles by communicating to the Vehicle Automation Kit (VAK), which then controls the vehicle by commanding the Drive-By-Wire (DBW) layer.

The Vehicle Automation Kit (VAK)

This open-platform approach brings a new world of possibilities to brownfield mines. Instead of replacing an entire fleet all at once, operators can instead retrofit and replace vehicles as needed. Purchase decisions are made based on vehicle performance, not OEM system dependence.

Decoupling automation systems from fleet purchases gives more mines the option to automate. Existing and mixed fleets can continue to add value to mines. Legacy FMS and other systems can continue to function as normal. Existing infrastructure and legacy systems can remain operational within the mine without the need to upgrade.

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Control Room

Operate your mine from the comfort of your control room.

The Mobius® software is installed on a PC in the control room. The control room does not need be in line of sight of the mine, though many are. The option of having the operators located offsite improves worker morale as they can enjoy a more typical work/home life without needing to travel great distances. User login credentials are managed by the mine's technology staff to ensure no unauthorized access is granted, and providing a hierarchy of control. Mobius also integrates easily with all major 3rd party Fleet Management Systems (FMS).

A Mining Control Room
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