True multi-vehicle autonomy regardless of brand, age, use, or size.

ASI Mining is the leading multi-vehicle, OEM agnostic autonomous solution provider on the market.

How We Compare

Features & Capabilities ASI Mining Other OEM Providers
OEM Agnostic

ASI Mining's solution works on any major vehicle brand.

Agnostic Regarding Vehicle Type, Size, or Age

Automate dozers, drills, haul trucks, etc. from heavy duty ADTs on up to Ultra Class trucks, new or old.

Interoperable with 3rd Party Fleet Management Systems (FMS)

Keep using the FMS you know. No need to leave it just to begin adopting autonomous vehicles.

Scalable across different mine applications

Automate broadly, across the entire mine ecosystem—drilling, blasting, haulage, teleoperations, etc.

Energy Agnostic

Adopt green or zero emission technology without impacting your fleet's autonomous capability.

Proven Track Record

Over 20 years of experience automating a wide assortment of mining vehicles across the globe.

Network Agnostic

Use your existing site network.

Global Support

Get expert assistance from representatives in your timezone.

OEM Agnostic (Brand independent)

You choose when and what vehicles to purchase.

ASI Mining retrofits existing fleets and equipment from a variety of OEMs to run on the Mobius® platform.

This open-platform approach brings new opportunities to both brownfield and greenfield sites. Instead of replacing an entire fleet all at once, mines can retrofit and replace vehicles as needed. Purchase decisions can now be made based on vehicle performance, not OEM system dependence.

Decoupling automation from fleet purchases means more mines can automate. Older and mixed fleets can continue to add value to mines. Legacy FMS and other systems can continue as normal. Existing infrastructure and legacy systems can remain operational without the need to upgrade.

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Offers Flexibility

Automate your mixed fleet of new, existing, heavy duty, and ultra class trucks

ASI Mining supports a mine's need to utilize trucks of different sizes without handicapping productivity. ASI Mining's solution enables the automation of Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs) as well as Ultra Class haul trucks at the same time and in the same area.

Automating existing trucks sets up brownfield sites for greater success as existing trucks are retrofitted with the few key components necessary for autonomous action. Mines no longer need to wait until new equipment is purchased before adopting autonomy.

Greenfield sites likewise benefit as they don't need to purchase the more expensive, autonomous ready vehicles from a specific OEM—instead, mines can purchase standard vehicles from any OEM and equip them with ASI Mining's automation conversion kit.

Ultra class and heavy duty class trucks operating together
Automate trucks of mixed size, age, and brand.

Enables You to Scale.

Scale your operation by connecting haulage, drills, blasting, teleop, and more into an interoperable mining solution.

Mobius® is designed with modules that support multiple mine operations. As mines automate various operational stages over time, Mobius allows seamless integration between each module, resulting in a fully-integrated autonomous mine.

Most mines start with automating haulage as a starting point, but there's no required sequence. Any operation may be automated independent of the others.

Epiroc drill

Autonomous Drills

Autonomous drills not only operate themselves, but automatically provide critical data on the material they drill through. This gives an even greater advantage as this data informs the blasting, loading, hauling, and processing efforts at the mine.

» Mobius for Drills

Autonomous Blast truck

Semi-Autonomous Blast Trucks

Blasting is inherently dangerous since explosives are involved, Semi-Autonomous blast trucks can be remotely controlled keeping the operator away from harm. ASI partnered with Enaex(R) to develop the Mine-iTruck which was release to the public in 2018.

» Mobius for Blast

haul truck

Autonomous Haulage

A solution that is brand independent proves mines with the flexibility to continue picking and choosing which brands work best for each situation and environment. Mines do not need to wait until they buy new trucks before adopting autonomy. Mines can automate today, with their mixed fleet of trucks, no matter the make, model, age or size.

» Mobius for Haulage

Teleop Dozer


Teleoperation is best suited for vehicles that are slow, in environments dangerous or hazardous to humans, and that can be observed and operated from a safe location.

» Mobius for Teleop

lite truck and ultra-class truck side-by-side

Track Manned Assets

Support vehicles operating in the Autonomous Operation Zone (AOZ) are required to also have an In Cab Client (ICC), this allows Mobius to keep tabs on each vehicle and direct nearby autonomous trucks to pause when manned vehicles are in close proximity.

» Mobius for Manned

haul truck

Mobius® for Mining

Mobius is the only command & control software on the market that allows multiple autonomous vehicle operation regardless of brand, age or size. The Mobius software functions like a mine operating system that controls a multitude of vehicle applications, all from a single location—operations such as autonomous drilling, blasting, hauling, tracking manned assets, and more. No need to automate in isolation, Mobius connects the entire mine ecosystem for you.

» Mobius® for Mining


ASI Mining Is Future Ready.

Capitalize on future zero emission truck offerings, regardless of OEM.

Many mines are trying to either reducing or eliminating their carbon footprint. As mines seek more green or sustainable alternative energy sources, they often encounter unforeseen obstacles. These obstacles include required operational behavioral changes and internal resistence to the new status quo. Driving habits, such as speed acuracy, pacing, even more exact linear movement and other requirements are often needed. Autonomous vehicles are able to adopt new requirements without complaint.

In addition, since ASI Mining's solutions is OEM agnostic, it won't matter which OEM solves the carbon reduction puzzle best. Trolley, or electric assist, lends itself quite well to an autonomous vehicle, as straight lines at a constant rate of speed are much easier for a robot to do than a human. Autonomous robotic drivers also accomodate the needs of hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles.

Haul tuck on trolley

Gives new opportunities to automate used trucks.

Enables retrofit conversion of brownfield sites without need to replace fleet.

ASI Mining retrofits existing fleets and equipment to run on the Mobius® platform. In addition, ASI Mining is open to integrating legacy FMS and other software with Mobius. This open-platform approach brings a new world of possibilities to brownfield mines. Instead of replacing an entire fleet all at once, operators can instead retrofit and replace vehicles as needed. Purchase decisions are based on vehicle performance, not OEM system dependence.

Decoupling automation systems from fleet purchases gives more mines the option to automate. Existing and mixed fleets can continue to add value to mines. Legacy FMS and other systems can continue to function as normal. Existing infrastructure and legacy systems can remain operational within the mine without the need to upgrade.

Trucks in the shop getting a retrofit
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